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Written by Chris Flynn   
Saturday, 01 December 2007

This is a great winter recipe developed by The Witches Brew's own Steve.

Extract with late addition malt extract.

1 .0 lb. American crystal 60L
12 oz Chocolate malt

 6 lb. Light malt extract
1 Pound brown sugar (any supermarket variety is fine)

2 oz. Willamette Hops @5% alpha ( 45 min.)
1/2 oz. Kent Goldings (15 minutes)
1/2 oz. Kent Goldings (1 minute)

Safale 04

Steep grains at 150ºF for 30min
Add Extract and Brown Sugar
Bring to a boil and add
all Williamette
Boil for 30min and add 1/2oz East Kent Goldings
Boil for 14min and add
1/2oz East Kent Goldings
Let boil another one minute and remove from heat.

Cool, add to fermenter, top off to 5gal, pitch yeast.

After 4-5 days rack into secondary.
After 7 days bottle or keg as normal.

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